On average, between four and six percent of all financial advisors will have changed firms and/or channel every time the earth circles the sun.


While you may not be contemplating a change any time soon, the process of evaluating the best place for you and your clients and then moving your practice to a new firm has become pretty complicated. In fact, unless you really know what you are doing, you can seriously jeopardize your career.

If you should ever decide to explore other opportunities within the financial universe, here are some things you should know:

  • Trying to identify, evaluate and negotiate with potential new firms is not unlike a client trying to manage their own investments and financial planning. It’s possible, but almost never advisable.

The grass might actually be greener somewhere else,
but trying to get to it can be problematic.



  • Some of the best opportunities can be with firms (or in channels) with which you may not be familiar.
  • The main reason why highly sought-after entertainers, athletes and executives get agents is because very few people can leave their emotions out of an important personal negotiation, especially when it involves their livelihood.
  • If you want to represent yourself in court, prepare your own tax return or diagnose your own illness, go for it. Should you be even remotely successful with any of those, at least you might have saved some money. But when it comes to exploring a change in your career, Millennium's services are absolutely FREE to candidates. And, we can help you land that great new opportunity without wasting valuable time or exposing you to unnecessary risks!